Robbins Geller filed a class action lawsuit against Wolf Appliance, Inc. (“Wolf”) on behalf of consumers who purchased a Wolf oven containing Wolf’s blue porcelain oven cavities, a feature intended to build on the image and aesthetics of Wolf’s purportedly high-end appliances.

The lawsuit alleges that the blue interior oven cavities do not stand up to regular use by consumers.  Through regular use — including, for example, self-cleaning the oven — cracks, chips, crazes, flakes or other defects begin to form and appear.  In some instances, the visual defect remains small.  In other instances, customers found pieces or shards of the blue porcelain interior of the oven cavities had been completely removed, leaving a white or silver appearance where the blue enamel used to be.  The barren areas, left behind from the defect, have been described as crazing, cracking, chipping, flaking or spider-webbing.